CHC Corporate Health Business Session in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

How to increase employee engagement and maximize productivity?

Stephan Poschik, CEO and owner of Corporate Health Consulting LLC, launched his first two Corporate Health Business Sessions for the North American market in Miami, Fort Lauderdale. Together with his Sales Consultants, he informed the audience how to increase employee engagement and maximize productivity

Mr. Poschik opened his lecture by introducing his own developed and unique Corporate Health House. A Corporate Health Management House, which is a holistic health approach for companies. The House consisting of five different pillars: Evaluation of Mental Stress (EMS), Corporate Health Promotion (CHP), Mindful Leadership (ML), External Employee Surveys (EES) and Leadership Training (LT).

CHM House

Especially the first two pillars, Evaluation of Mental Stress and Corporate Health Promotion, were explained in detail. At the pillar Evaluation of Mental Stress, CHC supports companies in their implementation for the evaluation of mental stress in the workplace, so that you, as a decision-maker, reduce the risk of burnout significantly.

At the second pillar of Corporate Health Promotion, CHC helps employees become healthier to reduce employee sick time in the companies so that you, as a decision-maker, can reduce costs. At CHP, there is a unique eight-step process where the main focus lies in improving the situation, the work environment, and the self-responsibility of the employees.

Followed by the question, "Why should a company invest in Corporate Health Management (CHM)?" Mr. Poschik delivered the answer in his speech by explaining how a professional CHM can have a significant impact on the revenue.

It all starts with investing in your employees. Today's biggest problem is employee engagement. On average, 70 percent of employees are found to be disengaged. Can you imagine? That makes them only 30 to 50 percent productive of the work they actually could do if they were engaged. So when you invest in a Corporate Health Management program, what you really do, is maximize your revenue. How? Well, with a professional CHM program, you have more engaged employees that are more focused and more productive, which sends your productivity right to the top.

The question is: How do you get more motivated employees? The first step is to talk to your people and let them figure out the solutions to the problem. As long as you, as a member of the management team, give all the answers and do the action steps for them, you will not be successful. To have more engagement in your company, you have to turn the situation around. Let your employees figure out which is the best situation, what are the best ideas and which action steps do they need to improve the working environment.

Before Mr. Poschik called it a day, he also discussed the advantages for businesses. In the short-term benefits are, to name a few: tax-deductibility, participants getting advice they can use immediately, and healthier employees that are more motivated and productive. In comparison, the benefits of the medium-term are ROI of up to 1:26, greater compliance, success in the war for talent, etc.

To sum up, if you want a reduction in sick days, engaged employees, and on top maximize your revenue, you need to invest in a professional Corporate Health Management program.

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